Fire Wife A New Book That Empowers and Equips the Partners of Firefighters
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Fire Wife

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More About Fire Wife

The partners of firefighters play an irreplaceable role to the fire department. They are after all the ones on the other front-lines.

Meet The Author

Fire Life

At Fire Wife we honor and celebrate the partners of our firefighters. Whether they are starting a new business or doing great things in their community, you will be inspired by the many people we profile here.

Send us a profile and picture of a Sister you’d like to celebrate!

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We may not be “hard-hitting” but there is always something going on in the life of our firefighters. Here we’ll provide you with interesting national fire news, upcoming fire events, and where we’ll be gathering for Fire Wife book signings and fun engagements too! If you have some cool news going on or upcoming events in your Fire Community, please send it to us!

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Getting a group of people together to read Fire Wife and work through it’s interactive companion guide, is a great way to not only meet some new friends, but more importantly friends who understand exactly what you go through. Stay tuned for some delicious recipes from my cookbook, not yet released, Fire Wife Dinner Parties and some Fire Wife Book Club tips to get you started.

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What The Critics Say

The inspiration is real

This book will touch your heart

Your advice and sharing of life experience is both genuine and relatable. There were parts of your book that spoke so profoundly to me, I found myself pausing with goosebumps…then re-reading. You are so raw and human and easy to relate to. In particular that 7 and 20-year rough patch reflects two major life change periods for me, so much so it was eerie. I will definitely use some of your recommended tools and make them part of mine and hubby’s toolbox.


Your book is incredible!

So inspirational and funny and tender and true!  Wisdom, grace, compassion in abundance!


Love, love this book!

It’s a Coles Notes on how to choose your happiness and find your voice. I also love that you can pick whatever chapter you want to read when you want to read it!


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