To conclude R-Therapy, after some good retreating, resting, and restoring your soul with the sustenance of good books, good hikes, a massage, pedicure, positive thoughts and new intentions, what my dear have you been toying with?

I mean, what has slipped into the forefront of your mind a few times that you’ve given attention to, or maybe pushed back to the end of the line.  Having given yourself a rest, having rebounded with  bit more energy (hey, the month is only half way through, and after a busy holiday season, you might be raring to go OR still feel like a glass half full.)   There is no need to push the relaunch if that is not where you are at this moment.  Perhaps you will be in the retreat, rest and restore mode for quite some time yet.

One of the things that always restores my soul is what Julia Cameron refers to as an Artist Date.  This is when you take just you out, say to a craft store to pick up materials so that you can rejuvenate the major portion of who you are – your creativity.  Our creativity is our life force, it’s what brings life and lightheartedness to us.  We feel like a kid again, creating.  Maybe going to the movies alone too might be fun, or out for lunch in a new community?  Whatever you do, make sure it is something you find fun.

Many years ago, feeling funky, I decided, for my own personal needs to relaunch my women’s conference.  I spoke of this in my Fire Wife book.  I was feeling completely uninspired and unmotivated and it scared me.  It scared me because, I’d always had some project going and was just feeling flat, dull and bland.  Unenthused about everything and anything.  What was happening to me?  But rather than wallow, I knew logically that I had to give myself a huge project where there was no turning back and planning a women’s conference again, RELAUNCHING it was my saving grace.  For months I planned the venue’s beauty and saturated myself in positive words so that when the time came for me to do my talk to the audience, I felt incredible with new things to say to motivate and empower.

That relaunch pulled me out of the doldrums.  I felt renewed.

While you don’t have to go that big to relaunch somethings, if you are feeling unmotivated and bored, basically your soul is trying to kick you in the ass, to do something new, or to relaunch dreams you may have filed under, another time.  Being sequestered and on lockdown during COVID really messed with our timeline and our minds.  The thought of time lost may be upsetting to you as well, you are certainly not alone.  But the thing is, in this somewhat post lockdown world, thinking about how we want to live and what we want out of life is an important period of relaunching.  Yes, there may be some residue still there, some resentment for many reasons, but you have this time now.  Let it all go.  Bring life to what you put away for a time.  You are the archi tect of your life.  Let’s bring some beauty to it. XOXO

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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