Good morning gorgeous!  We are for the most part a one man band so to speak.  When I say that what I mean is that, we are responsible for how we live and how we show up in this big beautiful world of ours.  We have both free will and the ability to choose how we go forth.  We can decide whether to heal what ails us, or choose to keep living like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders.  You will get two types of people in this world.  You will get those who take their lives by the horns and do what they have to do mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to be healthy and happy, and you will get those who blame everyone else for everything.  Listen, that does not mean that you haven’t been hurt or treated unfairly.  Maybe your beginnings were rough.  But deep within you is a towering power of strengh and resolve.  A beautiful human being who must now carefully peel back the layers, yes like an onion, to work through what is stopping you or what keeps bothering you.

I am not a counsellor, but I have been to a couple of them.  There are many books on the market and tools by which we can all use to heal.

Forgiveness is huge to work through.  Remember to forgive does not mean that you will forget something that happened, but it does mean that you have realized that you cannot change what has been done or the past and secondly, why let it continue to rent precious space in your head or your precious energy.

Let’s begin with a couple of things I do to release anxiety, worry, forgiveness to bring joy, peace and grace back into my heart and soul.

Self-Reflect to Become Self Aware


To figure out perhaps why you feel blocked or not that excited about stuff, write out a timeline with as many decades/years as you wish.  Going through each decade, take note of when everything seemed super in alignment and you felt fantastic.  List out the reasons why and see what was going on in your life at the time.  How can you bring that enthusiasm back into your life?  Get exercising?  Start a healthy diet?  Go back to school?  Join a group or a club?  Get a babysitter so you can go out sometimes to indulge your passions?  Take a cooking class, join a sports team?  Begin reflecting on what needs to improve and why.  Take the steps necessary to get yourself back on top and feeling optimal!

Start Walking

Get into the habit of walking.  You’ll be outside and nature will take care of your moods.  You’ll also get Vitamin D which is essential for a good mood and your bones.  You will feel fantastic getting outside.  Rain or shine, I love it and I like to walk most days.  If you cannot walk for whatever reason, sit outside and take in the fresh air.

Have you heard of TAPPING? 

I have an app called the Tapping Solution.  Tapping is a method where you tap on pressure points on your head, around your eyes, collar bones, etc.  It gets your nervous system in a more relaxed state.  I highly recommend this proven method for getting rid of anxiety.  I follow Jessica Ortner.

Writing in a Journal

I always say from your head and your heart to your hand and on paper.  Write out your feelings.  Do morning pages as Julia Cameron of the Artist Way suggests – a three page rampage as I put it!  Go for it, write out your feelings swear words and all, get it out.  Your soul will solve your problem by the end of three pages, trust me.

Take Your Vitamins!

Too many people are walking around so depleted in vitamins and they don’t feel well.  Please go to your doctor and get the essential blood tests to check your iron, your B12, magnesium levels, omega 3s, etc.  It astonishes me at how many people walk around not well and it’s simply because they are depleted in an essential vitamin or mineral.  Whether you are young or older, take my advice, take your vitamins!


Written by : Tara McIntosh

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