Whether you are in perfect peace today or having a crappy day, beauty will bring you back.  Additionally when we focus on what we find beautiful and that includes how we spend our time, what our hobbies are, the character traits we love in others, nature, a cup of tea in the afternoon, the quiet of the morning (before the kids get up), beauty will bring you back and center you.  I love what mystic and author Rumi says about it and it is such a simple mandate for how to live life – “Let the beauty we love be what we do….”  Sometimes the answers to complicated situations are really simple.

I have recently began keeping a list of beautiful days and mostly they are beautiful when I get to spend it alone with my husband, or I am gathering over a great meal with my family, when I am walking alone in the sunshine taking time to myself, or socializing and having fun with easy friends.

Today and everyday, choose to make time for what is beautiful to you.  Maybe that’s buying some flowers for your desk, planning an afternoon treat, going for a walk to clear your mind, reading a book, painting on your patio.  Also, learn to say NO to obligation invitations that are interfering from doing more of what you love.  If you are living too many shoulds, you are not in alignment with the true life of your soul.

If you like, keep track of great days in your Fire Wife Journal and then narrow it down to do more of those.  Keep your life simple, make time for your dreams and especially take time for your personal life.  Life is what you make it.  Beauty is freedom. Choose a beautiful life.

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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