No this picture is not of Dr. Phil, it is however a look into how our thinking creates the vibes we put out into the world.  Like attracts like.

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings!

Oh my goodness, I am so excited you’ve decided to join me on this new moon, Wednesday, November 22, 2022, the perfect day to put into motion, fresh starts, new thoughts, and new dreams.

Don’t feel overwhelmed.  Let’s just start a little at a time.  For now, let’s get our supplies and begin thinking about what you are thinking about.  Let’s also start with our vision journals and scrapbooks, or a focus wheel too on poster board if you like.  The choice is yours.

Getting Ready!

Get Your Supplies



Poster board you can pin up onto your wall and where you can see your dreams, desires and goals each day (you can create a focus wheel too from your board).

A journal that will be your vision journal where you can write in it faithfully, carry in your purse, keep by your bed, tape in pictures, quotes, and write out your intentions.

A scrapbook like a sketch book or photo album where you can put all of your pictures, quotes, positive words and dreams.

Magazines.  This is my favorite part.  Go out and treat yourself to a couple of magazines that are glossy and speak to you.  Maybe a travel magazine appeals to you, or a cooking magazine, parenting magazine, the world is your oyster.  If you don’t want to buy magazines, go online and print off appealing pictures and words.

You can buy all of the above or just start with one.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you can see your pictures and positive sayings each day.

Before You Set Out to Create Your Vision, Get Your Vibes Right 

Like attracts Like which is why we want to LIFT OUR SPIRITS and get our VIBES RIGHT before sitting down to have fun and creating our vision.

Begin by thinking about what you are thinking about and if you have “stinking thinking”, change your mind today to start implementing positive words into your brain.  How can we do that?  Begin noticing what you are watching online, on TV or the social media you also consume.  If you want to get your vibe right with positivity to begin manifesting and feeling calm and content, you’ve got to get serious about the stuff you are putting into your brain.  If it is crap, you will feel like crap.  BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF.  Watch positive YouTubes, speeches, study great people, and pick role models you want to emulate, read good books!

Practice Gratitude Every day. We all have something we can be grateful for right now right here.  Every day, let the first words that come out of your mouth be Thank you.  Thank you to God, to the Universe, to Your Creator.  Begin thinking of and writing down 5 things every day that you are grateful for.  Gratitude is the Law of Attraction.

Let the Positive Affirmations Begin!  We can say such terrible things about ourselves to ourselves.  Let’s now get into the habit of saying good things about ourselves.  You are here for a reason and have purpose and a calling to fulfill.  Bolster your self-esteem by speaking kindly and warmly to yourself.  Begin with I AM.  What follows I AM is very important because you will become what you think about.  Think of your past achievements and compliments you’ve received.  Go online to find qualities that fit you and focus on what is good within.

Here’s what I know

When we manifest, the timing is never our own.  Human beings are not good at perfect timing because ego can get into the way.  Let the timing of your dreams unfold at the perfect timing of God, the Universe, the Creator.  Trust and surrender to perfect timing. Everything is being lined up perfectly behind the scenes for you, the right people, the right place and the right timing.

Focusing on the light not the darkness will have a ripple effect across your family, your community and the world.  Be intentional and choose to focus on what is good, right, joyful and real.  You will be the change the world needs when you put your mind intentionally on what is positive.

Change your thinking first and foremost and you will change your life.



Written by : Tara McIntosh

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