the force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength.
“the passionate life force of the symphony” – the spirit or energy that animates living creatures, the soul.

Fire Life Needs Grounding Energy

If you are not used to giving yourself a big pat on the back or speaking nicely to yourself, you better get used to it because bolstering your life-force (self-esteem, self-worth) is a vital component to not just creating a fun vision for your life and achieving your heart’s desire….. but in being married to a firefighter too.  Why?  Because everyone is always competing for your firefighter’s time which can make you feel sometimes lonely or a little ungrounded and yes insecure.  Those feelings however are undeserving of YOU and those feelings can create a low energy vibe.


True Belle Beauty Attracts Your Best Life

When you make gratitude and affirming positive declarations to yourself throughout the day your habit, there is nothing that you cannot do.  Also, the great thing about planting positive words about yourself into your subconscious –  YOU will create an aura of je nais se quoi  AND Bella Figura around you!  That’s right!  When you speak positively to yourself, you begin to rewire your brain and will feel authentically good about yourself.  I’m not talking about the “competitive” way or jealous way people try and make themselves feel better, I’m talking hardcore, inner beauty and happiness – TRUE BELLE energy where you own your whole self and occupy your space!  This is not a 3 dressed up as a 9 situation.  You cannot fool the universe or your subconscious mind.

When you make positive affirmations and declarations about yourself every day, you change your energy and your subconscious mind will begin attracting to you the opportunities that will lead you to your best life.


  1.  Let’s get started!  First get out your vision journal, your vision scrapbook, or your focus wheel (or all of them) and plaster your favorite picture(s) of yourself in there.  

2. Next you are going to saturate YOUR PHOTO with positive words about your gifts, your talents, your personality, your favorite features, compliments that you’ve had from others, your achievements etc.  Next you are going to remember all the times you were courageous, overcame setbacks, and rose to the occasion, write about that too!  You are also going to get into the habit of looking at that picture and positive words every day!

3. When you are not looking at your picture and positive declarations, you are going to affirm positive language to yourself throughout the day. And every time you catch yourself saying something negative, you are going to stop it immediately and change it to a positive, comforting, encouraging declaration to yourself.  YOUR SUBCONCIOUS MIND HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR AND BELIEVES EVERYTHING YOU SAY TO YOURSELF.  Another interesting thing is that your subconscious mine doesn’t know whether you are talking about you or other people either.  Detach from the crap and focus on being your best self to both you and to others.

Positive Words Will Change Yours and Everybody Else’s Life

The Fire Wife Journal I wrote is my vision journal and I love it!

This is all part of the visioning process and a very important part of it! It can be very hard for some people to spend time saying nice things to themselves or spend time making a collage of yourself, but shit, you have to do it.  You deserve to feel good about yourself.  And when you feel good about yourself, you make other people feel good about themselves.  If you have been suffering the blues, if you have been feeling angry, resentful, etc. You will feel the true positive effects of creating this most powerful habit.

It’s all a ripple effect and it ALWAYS begins with you.  Let’s do this! XOXO

Here are Some Positive Declarations and Affirmations to get you started!  Whatever Follows, I AM packs some very powerful and very attract-ive energy.

I AM capable of anything.  I AM beauty, peace and joy.  I AM healthy and full of vital energy.  I AM full of Gratitude and Love.  I AM excited about my life of travel and fun.  I AM Prosperous and Wealthy.  I AM Fun and Free.  I AM Confident and Successful.  I AM Forgiving and Fabulous.  I AM Growing and Getting Better Every day.  I AM in Supportive and Loving Relationships.  I AM Blessed in my Life Beyond Measure.  I Am Surrounded by Love and Intellectual Stimulation.  I AM Kind.  I AM Enthusiastic.  I AM Passionate.  I AM a Person of Purpose and Promise.  I AM Courageous.  I AM Achieving my Goals.  I AM a Gift to the Hearts of Other People……keep it going and I will see you soon! XOXO

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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