I discovered the secret of manifestation when I was a young girl and it was all completely unbeknownst to me.  I’d found an old blue unused photo album in my mother’s closet, took some of her old magazines and began cutting pictures out of romantic couples, places I wanted to travel to and things I wanted to achieve.

At 13 I also began to keep a journal inspired by the pomp, the glamour and the pageantry of Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s wedding.  That fairytale like visual absolutely IGNITED MY IMAGINATION!  I got up super early that wedding day morning because I also had summer school to get to. And though I may have failed grade 8 math that year, those long walks to summer school on warm summer mornings meant I could choose a new route to school apart from my five friends who I walked with every day and it allowed me the quiet to think and to dream.

The new route I took was all along Hastings Street where I could glance at all the store front windows, the beautiful clothes, cozy restaurants, fun second-hand stores and a dance studio allowing my imagination to run wild.

I’d also glance at my reflection in all those shiny store front windows too.  Where I felt sometimes awkward and insecure as all teenagers can, I liked what I saw in those reflections and began to see myself more clearly.  I saw a person with potential and as an individual, not just part of  a group of girls who walked to school.  On those walks alone I also got to think about that romantic royal wedding.  Maybe in real life it didn’t turn out to be so romantic for that couple, but perception and how we choose to see the world, the lense through which we look is key to building a better one.  For me that royal wedding represented possibility to me and I dreamed one day of my own husband and family.  That was just the beginning!

Many years later I found myself clipping photos again, this time as a young stay at home mom and boy did I feel dumb sometimes.  However, when I looked at that scrapbook, 5 years later, the house I always dreamed of, the one with the pool, came true!

Over the next weeks, we are going to create vision, positive affirmations and saturate ourselves in Gratitude.  Gratitude after all is the Law of Attraction.  And the truth is, when you are grateful for the little things, the universe, God, Creator will trust you with more. Until next time my darlings, get clipping! P.S.  This picture is of my own wedding day many moons ago.  XOXO

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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