The trajectory of my life changed drastically when my husband wanted to become a firefighter. I had been going to college to get my media degree when he made this announcement. To say I was unhappy about his choice was an understatement. Since then however, I managed to turn what I perceived as a negative into a positive….and not in a Pollyanna way. I would come to realize that sometimes we aren’t in charge of our calling. While I might have wanted to get into the media and communications field, that’s not what God had in mind. Let’s not forget that God wants us to trust him and he promises that he will turn all of our challenges, our hurt, our disillusionment, our failures, into something GOOD! I see this now. My book, Fire Wife, Indomitable Standing Strong in my Marriage, my Life and my Dreams is soon to be published. I am super proud of it….though I could still add some things and take some things out, it’s time to let it go. It is my first book and I’ve many more to come. So yes, while my life trajectory was changed my goals and dreams morphed into something else, I am still using all of my skills, experience and writing. I am grateful, I am happy and I get it. Grow where you are planted my friend and trust. It’ll all work out and even better than you thought it would. Persevere. XO

Written by : Miss T

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