In Fire Wife:  Standing Strong in Your Relationship, Your Life and Your Dreams, Chapter Five, Standing in Your Shoes, I write about my own experiences in say dealing with my husband’s mood flu after working night shifts and being cranky sometimes when he got home.  I also wrote about feeling out of the loop or feeling like a second fiddle, feeling overwhelmed, our worries and fears or even feeling like you are living separate lives.

Let me put it this way.  Every problem has a solution.  So the question is….what are we going to focus on?  We can focus on the problem or the solution.  If we focus on the problem, nothing will change, so clearly a solution is preferred!

Mood Flu:  Your firefighter will be better after a nap.

Separate Lives or Feeling out of the Loop:  Communicate to your firefighter then make a plan to do more together be it in their world and yours.

Insecure and Jealousy:  Why are you feeling jealous?  Get to the bottom of what is making you feel insecure or jealous?  Is there a legit reason because of a person?  Communication and boundaries are huge here.

Yes, there is a solution for everything my dear girl and it’s all in my book.

Next we are going to talk about ways of dealing with our anxiety and stress using very proven and effective tools.  Let’s do this!