Good morning! It’s a beautiful day here already on the West Coast! I went to my doctor the other day to get more blood tests to see WHY I CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT! My doctor wrote out a requisition for blood tests and then handed me a prescription for diet pills. Can you believe it? While I’m judging people who’ve had to take drastic measures, the idea of numbing the pleasure center part of my brain with an anti-depressant seriously horrified me. It horrified me because I’d just had a revelation the week prior that I think women who are overweight are just a whole lot of pleasure with no where to go. In fact I think a woman’s natural state needs to be fulfilled with beauty,  adventure and pleasure. If we filled ourselves up with this everyday, we would all be off the charts happy. When you are married to a firefighter, you often feel lonely, but you can also feel stuck. Especially if you have little kids that you are predominately responsible for. When your “BPA” is not being filled up you can long for something and not know what it is. Let’s be honest here. Our guys take up a lot of time. But you need to start caring for yourself. I gained weight, a lot of it, over a period of about 9 years. The reason why I couldn’t lose weight was because my mind body and spirit is tired of me trying and going on extreme diets. I’d go on an extreme diet for two weeks and my weight wouldn’t budge. That is because while some diets work for some people, I need to follow a low carb and lower calorie way of eating. Thanks, or no thanks to all these crazy diet gurus that have messed with our minds for the past couple of decades, we as a nation have stopped “intuitive eating.” Your body knows what it needs. So now I follow my own D.O.S.E. remedy. It’s about getting all the pleasure centers of my brain going so that I feel good and even more optimistic. I’ll talk more about this soon as I am currently losing weight MY WAY. No prescriptions for me. I was thinking the other day, our entire country is obsessed with weight loss to the point of our souls feeling ashamed while simultaneously loving cooking shows! We need to stop doing without and need to live with pleasure, every meal! There is nothing wrong with loving food! This is my journey for a while and I’ll share it with you. XO

Written by : Miss T

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