Fortunately I am married to a firefighter who also owns an award shop! Lol, but if you don’t have a trophy store at your finger tips, just know that you are very influential to the health of the fire department.  You are the one on the other front lines.   You are the hero, often unsung, behind the hero and I wish you were recognized in a far more formal way.  Until then, just know even though there is no award ceremony for you, without you and your support, things would not be as great.  You are part of a great team that serves the community on a larger scale.  When your firefighter is home with you and  feeling supported, they go back to the hall feeling satisfied that everything, for the most part is going well at home. Never underestimate your influence or importance.  You deserve to be recognized. XOXO

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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