September has always been for me kind of like the New Year so it’s when I also like to set some new goals.  This year however, I am wanting to set goals where I can see both achievement and accomplishment over the next 4 weeks.  What do you say?  What about you?  We can do this you know.  Let’s get into a routine of putting our best self first.  Create your intention of what we would like to do and get it done.

For me I’ve been on a weight loss journey since February and was happy to see that I’d only gained back 3 pounds over the summer.  I am now however taking it up a notch and I am going to do that first of all by putting it out there so it puts that good pressure on me, but  also to put that weight loss journey at the forefront of my goals.  When I feel healthy I can accomplish way (weigh) more than I can when I don’t feel that healthy.  I will accomplish my goal by recording every calorie I consume.

I will accomplish my goal of further weight loss by exercising most days but choosing exercise that I love.  I was recently diagnosed with immune deficiency disorder whereby I am unable to fight off bacterial infections.  Whenever I go to a big event, I get sick and swollen for a few weeks afterwards.  So I’ve taken my health into my own hands until I see a specialist and even then will continue.  So I exercise, I take vitamins, I set boundaries, I am setting aside time to exercise my thymus with laughter, you name it.

So why don’t you join me this month and set a goal or goals that you are going to do over the month of September?

While my goal is physical, is there a something in your life you’d like to strengthen and make progress?  Would you like to improve your communication style, sign up for a class or a book club to meet more people or learn something new?

Whatever it is, and wherever you are in life right now, be it a good or bad place, visualize your intention and take seriously how you would like to feel by the end of September.  Keep your eyes on that prize.

You can do this!  We are doing this.  Put your blinders on, set your eyes upon your desire and kick some ass.


Start by writing down what you would like to achieve this month.  Then break it down into little steps that will help you to achieve those goals.  What do you need to do to get to where you want to go?  Everyday, look at your progress and give yourself a huge high five.  I will check in with you this week to see how you are doing. XOXO

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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