Whenever you are committing to making changes I want you to remember, 5 things:

You are Worthy:  You deserve to feel happy most of the time and knowing that you deserve happiness is from knowing that you are worth the effort.  When you heal, you heal everyone around you.  When you are happy and live purposefully, you will feel amazing. You are worth it.  Whatever you’ve been through, please remember that it is the past and it has passed.  You only keep things alive by thinking of them over and over.  And when you keep thinking the same thoughts, you get exactly over and over what you think about, it will continue to manifest.  So think new thoughts.  Write out a vision for the life that you dream of and then renew your thoughts every day.  Be aware of your emotions and your feelings too.  Get mantras and affirmations to repeat to yourself when you revert to a negative thought.  See everything as a lesson learned and remember that it is time to focus on your incredible future.

Compassion:  Self compassion is just love for yourself and giving yourself grace.  Stop beating yourself up for errs or for not accomplishing things as quickly as you would have liked.  You can always pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again. I remember personally feeling at a loss when I gained a bunch of weight and wasn’t losing my weight fast enough or fell off the wagon.  I had to remind myself of the healthy problems I’d had and that I needed to be gentle with myself.  Slow and steady will always win the race and that truth is easy to forget in a world that likes everything to be delivered or solved in an instant.  Real and lasting change takes time.  Recall what you have done in the day and give yourself a big pat on the back.  You are making progress each and every day.

Boundaries:  To accomplish what we want in life, to have all that we desire, we need to manage both our time and our energy.  This requires us to say NO and set up boundaries around our time and our life.  Remember you are going through a transformative time in your life and you’ve got to mean business to succeed.

Drink enough water:  I know this sounds funny, but when you don’t you get cranky and tired.  You are made up of mostly water, so take the time to give yourself some hydration.  We feel better and happier when we hydrate.

I’ve learned that it takes time to break old habits and practice new ones.  Give yourself credit for any small changes that you make.  If you start going to the gym or start walking once a week, give yourself kudos.  If you start writing your book a few pages every week, give yourself a well done!  If you’ve set a boundary this week or said no to something so you could say yes to something you wanted, celebrate yourself! XOXO

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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