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I want to pass on a little information about hormone health from my experience so that you don’t have to go through what I’ve gone through.  To be perfectly honest with you, it wasn’t until I got into my 50s that I started to get with the program.  I hope that if you are a lot younger than me, that you get into it asap.  The reason why I say asap is because for years I accepted my hormone imbalances not really knowing it was hormone imbalance.  If I gained weight and couldn’t lose it, well that must just be the way it is.  If I was low in energy, well, that was just the way that it was.  If I had brain fog, or felt uninspired, well, that was the way that it was.  Here’s the thing.  This is not the way it is supposed to be and your hormones have a lot to do with it (as do other factors, but we will talk more about that later).  I will start with one thing a day, just off the top of my head and will continue with you as the weeks go on including bringing in a few experts to answer some of our questions.

Not Getting Pregnant 

Here is a picture of my first baby Brayden!

Many years ago, I tried super hard to get pregnant and was getting nowhere. I cried my eyes out every month when I’d take a pregnancy test and nothing.  My husband also went to the doctor to get his sperm count checked and he was just fine.  Month after month, it was all that consumed my mind.  I then noticed a little bit of green fluid coming out of my left breast.  It wasn’t a lot, but it was a little and if I squeezed my breast a little more would come out.  Oh my God, I was terrified.  I was super lucky however in finding an old female medical book in my house, one that was from the 1970s.  It was the perfect book because if you had any symptoms, it helped you to diagnose what might be wrong.  For months my doctor told me that I was fine.  However, when I looked up all of my symptoms:  exhaustion, weight gain and fluid that was coming from my breast, this medical book pointed to hypothyroidism.  I had all of the symptoms.

Had I not had a little of that fluid come out of my breast, I never would have known and may not have had my two babies.  Because as much as my doctor was great, never once had she suggested a thyroid test to me.  I made an appointment with my doctor.  She wasn’t there when I arrived, however a young doctor who was filling in for her for a few days was.

This young eager doctor listened to what I found in that medical book and ordered thyroid tests for me.  When I got the results, do you know that my thyroid was only off by a little bit and yet it wrecked all of that havoc?

From Internet:  “Low levels of thyroid hormone can interfere with the release of an egg from your ovary (ovulation), which impairs fertility. In addition, some of the underlying causes of hypothyroidism — such as certain autoimmune or pituitary disorders — may impair fertility.”

Within 2 weeks of taking the medication she perscribed for me,  (I think it was a low dose of Levothyroxine) I lost my weight, but more importantly, got pregnant straight away!

Remember, I am not an expert or a doctor – but these are my Fire Wife Wise Notes to you.  Not getting pregnant was my first real hormone imbalance experience.  If you are trying to get pregnant, maybe get your thyroid levels checked – thyroid of course is just one of many hormones we need to make sure are in balance, so ask your doctor what you need and stay on top of it!

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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