Krissy is a front-line worker who works both as an ultra-sound technician and with patients who suffer liver failure from alcohol abuse. Her husband is a career firefighter and together they have a 7-year old little boy.

Recently I’ve been wondering how the heck couples who are both front-line workers and first responders while in the midst of the pandemic, manage their stress and life at home. Clearly after talking to Krissy, it became apparent that not only is she intentional about having a strong and positive mind-set but that her family also spends a lot of time blowing off steam by staying active. “We are big outdoors people and often go 4-wheeling, fishing, or snorkeling.”  As well, on those nights her husband works shift she enjoys what she calls, “mom and son days” and lines up special things for them to do whether it be going to his favorite restaurant for dinner or to a nice park to hang out. At the core of fire life, Krissy says flexibility and independence are key.  Flexible because she knows things “tend to happen” when hubby is at work and you’ve just got to “roll-with it” but also independent so that you enjoy the night-shift evenings to yourself doing things you loved before you met your firefighter. If she could give an important piece of advice, especially to newer fire wives, it would be to not lose your identity to the fire life (a good piece of guidance I’ve heard from the spouses of firefighters numerous times).

As for not becoming consumed by the stress or even anxiety that comes from current events and their professions, Krissy and her firefighter have surrendered to the fact that because of their line of work the chances of getting COVID 19 were high however have chosen to focus on the recovery rate.

It’s evident this front-line fire family knows that enjoying life with their family, focusing on their priorities, putting their fears into perspective, and getting outside to stay active is pivotal to a happy mind, body and spirit.  Great insight from our fire wife sisterhood! Thank you, Krissy for your words of wisdom.

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