1. When I was in Paris, I knew one phrase, “Je ne parle pas francais’ (I don’t speak French). I practiced this phrase for about 2 hours over and over again while in Paris before I could say it confidently! I felt terrible not knowing any French while in Paris, because for years I wanted to learn French and for 20 years I couldn’t wait to get to Paris. So here is what I was thinking. Had I learned even just one phrase a week a year for 20 years I would have known over 1,000 phrases by the time I went! The lesson? To get started, just do a little bit at a time toward any goal. Sometimes we set these very high expectations of ourselves thinking we have to accomplish everything at once, or find the right time, or we just unwittingly procrastinate because big goals feel overwhelming and then we get nothing done. Every week do a little something toward your dream and then just leave it at that – don’t judge it, don’t feel guilty, don’t let other people’s expectations about what needs to be accomplished and on what time-line throw you off track. If you do something each week toward your goal, you’ll have at the very least, 52 of something by next year! 

Written by : Miss T

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