Well life as we know it at this moment in history has certainly changed. We can either look at it as cozy and contented at home or confinement at home! If you are anything like me, possibly without all of the distractions of say shopping, lunch out with the girls, or a browse through the bookstore, thoughts are coming up that you usually supress with outside distractions. For me I’ve been surprised by thoughts of resentment that I am having with another person (not my husband). I kept a happy disposition with this person because I could just run out and replace my resentment with something external and materialistic like a stack of new books – oh how I love my books. But now that we are right here right now unable to run away from our thoughts whatever they may be as there is not much else we can do but just be with ourselves, what might be coming up for you?

Being sequestered or isolated as they say on the news is an invitation to look deep within and address anything that needs addressing?

I realized that my resentment stemmed from feeling overly responsible to others. It is a trait that was bestowed on me since the time I was young and it is now taking it’s toll.

This week I personally am going to try shaking feeling overly responsible for others and find a way to balance this out in a healthy feel good way. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this or how it will look but I will report any new insights I find on it!

So what is coming up for you and how would you like to address your feelings to become and feel better about yourself? You deserve to feel optimal my dear Fire Wife! Let’s do this! XOXO

Written by : Miss T

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