Part of creating a new vision for your life and in putting those new ideas in motion, is to first, prime the pump of your life and prune stuff from your life – to get into preparation for purpose and for living a life that you love.  To prep and prime for your new vision a little self-reflection will be in order.  One simple way we can self-reflect is to think about, in one or two words, what inspires us so we can keep our focus on that, and what we need to prune, work on or get rid of in our lives, usually a character trait that holds us back, so we can flow into our best life.

What Would You Like to Focus on and Add to Your Life?

Here are some positive word examples to choose that might be a character trait you would like to grow in, or inspire and motivate you next year.  Of course, there are many others you can pick.  Go online and find your dream words! Would you like to grow in more joy, courage, idealism, confidence, zest, wonder, assertiveness, self-possesstion, adventure, emotional health, excitment, gratitude, spirituality, easy-going, self-love, self-care, boundaries, truth, fun, accomplishment, wisdom, live fully, education, kindness, love, creativity, certitude, hope, happiness?

What Would You Like to Work on and Prune from Your Life?

Here are some negative words to describe traits you may have and want to prune from your life, work on or deal with…keep in mind we are all only human and we all have challenges to overcome.  Still there is no such thing as perfect, so let’s focus on traits that could be holding you back from living your best life and it is now time to transform them:  unforgiveness, resentment, living in the past, anger, jealousy, insecurity, criticism, gossip, untrustworthiness, unhealthy focus, negativity, unworthiness, chronic depression, anxiety, chronic worry, pessimism, moody, addicted, victimhood, etc.

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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