The truth is, there is a solution for every problem and in everything, and in every aspect of our lives, we can choose to focus on the problem or focus on the solution.  You are human, you might get wrapped up in the issue, but don’t stay there.  I talked about all the things you will probably go through as a Fire Wife in my book, ahem, Fire Wife, Standing Strong in Your Relationship, Your Life and Your Dreams.

In there I talk about feeling overwhelmed as a fire wife (solution:  lower standards and say no/set boundaries), When you feel out of the loop or that you two are living separate lives (solution:  communication is key as is getting involved in your firefighter’s life and him in your life.  Pick and choose what you like to do, but make the effort so you don’t grow too far apart.)  Dealing with the mood flu (solution:  naps are good, so is hydration and a good bowl of carbs to help with that nap!  Your firefighter after a nap will feel better.  If you need a break from the kids, have them cuddle up with him and put a movie on.)

Just because you have to have a different kind of normal apart from your friends and family, please remember that once you adjust to your fire life and make your self-care a priority, life will flow beautifully.  Remember, it’s all about perspective and taking time to make a plan and solve anything that is currently bothering you.

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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