I love my R-Therapy and though it is not a unique concept, playing with the letter R to point us into the direction of ie, reflection, rest, relax and rejuvenation or in my case the all essential RETREAT first to REST, so that I can RESTORE my energy after a busy month or more of celebrating I know in gifting this to myself, this extreme self-care, I will come back ready to RELAUNCH oh so many things that I’ve been dreaming about.  The first up is to restore my health after a saucy and spirited month.  It’s also a time to reflect on my why and what I want out of life and going forward.  January is an absolute gift.  My tree is still up until at least this upcoming weekend and I can sit here and write and enjoy Christmas now, just for me.  There is magic and there are miracles in the air.  You can notice them right outside your window. From the sunrise this morning, to the birdies chirping away, even if you live in a much colder climate, gratitude and blessings abound. So if you want to join me – don’t add anything you don’t have to, to your schedule.  Permission is granted to just BE. Yes, we have our regular duties each day, but maybe, at least if you want for the month of January, delight in this still festive feeling, cozy month to dream about every part of your life and what will sustain you on this beautiful new year and dream journey.

From Amour Propre and The Fire Wife Journal by Tara McIntosh

First, choose some grounding thoughts and words (poems, mantras, quotes, speeches) that will support and cheer you on!  Reading books about great people you admire as well inspires and motivates.  Positive podcasts, YouTubes – you name it.  Whatever words and thoughts bring you a lift and a spark, saturate yourself in them and cut and paste them out to put onto sticky notes or in your journal or vision scrapbook.

Then think about your desires and dreams for adventure and fun!  If you are stuck, think about your favorite movies and books to lead the way.  What did you love in the past?  What did you dream about when you were young?  Where would you like to return to visit or perhaps plan a whole new trip? Write it down and make a plan to do it!

What about Soul-Satisfying Friendships and Connections?  Perhaps you already have your posse of friends, or perhaps you would like to learn some new things and join a group in an area of interest?  Think about what is important to you in relationships and more importantly, live from a place where you follow your interests and then you will find people who are interested in things you are too! Also, count your blessings for those in your life that are tried and true.  Connections with like-minded people is absolutely heavenly.  Spend time with those you love and be open to finding more great connections to add to your life!

Other things to think about?  Your Health and Wellbeing, Financial Serenity, Amour Propre (self-love practices), Your Priorities.

Enjoy this sacred time and I will be back soon to talk more about R-Therapy! XOXO


Written by : Tara McIntosh

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