My firefighter texted me last night to say “sorry for what he said…I didn’t mean it”.  The sorry was amazing because my firefighter’s family M.O. was about deflecting and blaming.  We’ve come a long way my hubby and I.  Though connected by passion, charisma and shared values, when it came to the tougher stuff, the two of us were happier sweeping all under the rug and getting back as soon as possible to getting along.  Now we know it is safe to be vulnerable with one another, but it takes two things to get there.  COMMITMENT and perseverance.  If there is something you need to say sorry for, don’t let pride and ego stand in your way.  You are forgiven and you are also only human.  Saying sorry does not take away all that is great about you, but it makes you an even better person than you already are.  Saying sorry ends arguments when you are wrong or you’ve hurt someone. It has changed our marriage – it will change you’re too.  XO

Written by : Miss T

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