Alright my darling, I will go more into this tomorrow, but for now let me tell you that everything you feel and whatever you are going through is normal.  However, when we feel any of these emotions, it’s best not to stay there and to solve it with some practical and rational solutions.

The most important thing is to get real about what you are feeling first of all and why.  It’s also good to communicate these feelings to your firefighter.  Remember though, in Fire Wife I talk about communicating with your spouse and the boundaries around it.  Pick a good time to communicate your feelings and ask them when a good time is.  Right when they come through the door, is probably not a good time.

While I’ve never felt jealous about my hubby’s time at the hall, there are partner’s to firefighters that can feel this way, especially when they hear that their firefighter is playing pickleball, eating some pretty nice meals at the hall and working out.  But hear this my dear sister, what these guys and girls experience out there in the field, the horrific accidents and living situations they see including suicide victims and domestic violence out there, I DO NOT ENVY THAT.  Let me repeat.  I DO NOT ENVY WHAT OUR FIREFIGHTERS GO THROUGH.  So the firefighter’s antidote to dealing with tragedy, IS TO HAVE FUN.  IS TO SIT DOWN AND EAT TOGETHER.  IS TO PULL PRANKS.  IS TO WORK OUT.  Remember that.  I would however like you to ask yourself why you may feel envy or jealousy about your firefighter’s career and make some changes to your own life.  Sit down with yourself and see what it is that you are envying and then think of what you can do to change your life so you feel good too.  Do you need to take steps to change your career?  Do you need to have some more lighthearted fun in your life?  Do you need to be more active or take some time to make yourself some more impressive and delicious meals when you are at home with the kids? Why not start inviting friends over for potluck and some wine.  Focus on what makes you happy in a healthy way and get to it.  No sense in sitting around feeling bitter or jealous – it is a super draining emotion.  Get positive and make things happen.

We’ll cover more feelings over the next few days!

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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