It’s been said that you need to put your figuratively speaking oxygen mask on first before you can be of any inspiration, help or service to others.  Like clock work I get up every morning to write.  But before I check emails, social media or do any business – I devote time to my heart, my mind, my soul and my spirit.  If I don’t, I am like a ship without a rudder.  And to be honest, I can see a lot of people living this way in witnessing their cranky reactions to life, to people and and to their family.  When my kids were little, I set up my bedroom up so I could have quiet time before everyone got up (yes you can make a little one cup coffee in your room – I have a Keurig in my bathroom), I put on some quiet music, sip my coffee and read uplifting words from my books, go over my affirmations and get my “stuff” together before I get out there into the world or greet my family.

Another time to rest and reflect could be spending 10 minutes in the early afternoon when all of us have a period of tiredness.  If you are at the office, get up and go put on the tea, eat a bowl of fruit, pull out your journal and get reinvigorated by the bigger picture, the goals you’ve written down and the dreams you have yet to fill.  I will tell you this.  I am a super happy and optimistic person.  Since I’ve been young I have just naturally spent time in quiet and because of that have always been in touch with the well-spring of “something more.”  If you want to be happy, if you want to feel light and full of good energy, then make the time for it.  Blaming and complaining is draining.  But spending time in solitude to get your whole self sorted in the morning is sublime.

The Fire Wife Journal is about…..

Making your own happiness apart from your Firefighter and with your Firefighter.  They are a busy bunch and even when they are home may take some time to come alive.  Co-dependence is not conducive to a fire relationship. You will be happier and your relationship will thrive and be even better when you value your own independence as well as your own dreams and goals.

Living in Gratitude.  Trust me, Gratitude is the Law of Attraction.  When we count our blessings each day, even if it is just the lessons learned after having a rough day – happy for the cup of tea or the glass of wine you can cuddle up with in a warm bed, life is good.  Restore your soul with the habit of gratitude and life will change only for the better for you.

Positive I AM affirmations to yourself everyday.  Affirmations are magical and powerful.  Words are powerful.  When you speak positively to yourself, your confidence will rise and your stress will go down.

Setting short and long term goals and achieving them.

Creating your bucket list and having fun adventurous things to look forward to.

Remembering that by nature you are a creative being and that you a wealth of inspiring ideas ready to be born.

Remembering what a Courageous person you are by recounting all that you’ve overcome and accomplished.

Mapping out your best life and what that looks like.  Follow your bliss to live the true life of your soul.

Seeing your body as a healthy vehicle that gives you energy to live the life you were meant to live and to live your life purpose with aplomb.

Achieving and adopting the philosophy of financial serenity.

Living a life with no dream regrets.

Self Reflection, writing new life chapters and reviewing and revamping what’s right and what you’d like to change as your year progresses. XOXO


Written by : Tara McIntosh

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