The Law of Attraction.

If you’ve ever watched The Secret documentary you will remember seeing that many well-known people throughout history used The Law of Attraction to create a life that they loved, achieving all of their dreams and then some.

Well, creating and using vision boards, scrapbooks and journals are also used in successful businesses all over the world. As well many successful and well-known people both past and present (Oprah, Michelle Obama, Albert Einstein to name a very very few) also know the power of creating a vision for their life.

So why does this work?  Well, let’s look first at what, Neuroscientist, Medical Doctor and Executive Coach, Tara Swart has to say about why creating a vision for your life, attracts to you what you want and dream about.

“The brain absorbs visual references better, therefore, a vision board (scrapbook, journal) works well.  The images (you see on your board/scrapbook/journal) will dominate your thoughts and this is what is called, the Tetris Effect…Looking at images primes the brain to grasp opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed.  The brain has a process called, “Value Tagging” which imprints important things onto your subconscious and filters out unnecessary information.  The brain then assigns a “higher value” to images than to written words or a to-do list.  The more you look at those images, the more those images move up in importance.  And if you look at those images right before bed, the images will be imprinted further.”

It is also important that when you look at your visions (pictures) that you FEEL  what it’s like to already have those things or achieve those things or be living that way.  Feeling like it is already yours, in the present is probably the most vital component to all of this.

“When you look at your vision board/scrapbook/journal, to the brain there is little difference between a strongly imagined vision and the actual experience of the thing happening.”

Taking the time to look at your vision every day and throughout the day then filters out the stuff that doesn’t matter.  You are then so focused and so clear minded on what you want –  that your subconscious mind will begin to fine tune your senses to synchronize opportunities, meeting the right people and heighten your intuition and gut instinct for things.

We will talk lots more about all of this, including the power of affirmations, and more mid-November when we have our on-line workshops right here at (make sure you order your Fire Wife Journal or Amour Propre Journal online for our workshop).  Let’s do this!


Written by : Tara McIntosh

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