I have a question for you?  Have you stopped to give yourself a big fat pat on the back today?  I’m serious.  Do you even know who you are?  Today as you go about your day, your routine and your to-do-list, I want you to take a few minutes to remind yourself of what an incredible woman you are.  There’s an old quote that says, “Behind every great man, there is a great woman.”  That quote is all about you (though you also need a life of your own).  Your husband could not do what he does without you.  And if you think about it, the department does not succeed well without you either.  Where the divorce rate is off the charts in the fire department, it is a known fact that when a marriage breaks apart, the firefighter simply does not do well – which in turn affects the fire department in so many ways.  You deserve way more recognition than you get to be honest, but your husband knows he couldn’t do it without you.  Today I want you to remember who you are:  a powerful woman who is  strong, reliable, responsible, and sexy.  You’re a woman who keeps the home fires burning, has the social calendar organized but has to remind him 10 times, is a counsellor to many including your man, and you have a wicked sense of humor to match his  You’re independent, because you’ve had to be, and you’ve learned to be tough and brave just from having to stand your ground against his moods and crankiness.  I just want to hug you for also finding a place of your own in the overwhelming biz of being married to a firefighter.  Though he may complain that you’re not bringing in enough money when you host parties to sell something you’re interested in, you keep on going.  You’ve learned or at least I want you to, to stay true to yourself and persevere.  I’m proud of you.  You’ve sacrificed a lot of your own freedom so he could pursue his.  You are growing where you are planted, and when you are married to a firefighter, sometimes reaching your own goals takes four days on and four days off longer than most people!  So smile sister!  You’ve done exceptional and I’m proud of you.  Remember who you are and remember just how important you are in the whole scheme of this sometimes overwhelming and lonely world.  You keep on going and are unfolding day by day into the woman so many of us want to be and admire.  XO

This weekend I’d love you to buy a journal for yourself, if you haven’t already got one, something reasonably sized to put into your purse and to carry around with you.  Find some time to start writing out attributes you love about yourself and know contribute to the well-being of your family, your life and to your husband.  Also, start keeping track of the compliments you get and write them down.  Take a look at them from time to time to remember who you are.  Next, I’d love you to write down attributes and character traits that you’d like to become stronger in.  For me I needed to learn how to be assertive and set boundaries.  I studied great women who were good at both and then found a way to keep their spirit close to me when I’d practice.

Tonight my hubby is working an extra night shift he owes to another firefighter so I’m having a fun Friday night dinner with my Mom, niece, nephew and sons.  I’m keeping it simple with a huge macaroni and cheese in the oven and a couple of bottles of red wine.  Life is good.  XO

Written by : Miss T

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