“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris


“Please Take Responsibility for the Energy You Bring into This Space” Dr. Jill Bolte

There is nothing like having your family come for Christmas dinner to get  your butt in gear to deep clean the house!  The best part about deep cleaning AND decluttering is that you will usher new energy into your home!

In my book Fire Wife I talk about doing just one task at a time.  No need to get overwhelmed.  Whether it be a cupboard, your closet, or your bookshelf, just start somewhere and you will feel your energy start to rise!  Out with the old to bring in the new.

So what does DECLUTTERING your home have to do with THE LAW OF ATTRACTION?

Well let’s start with the fact that when your house is cluttered, your mind feels cluttered – the energy that you want to flow and move is literally stuck.  I mean, how does one bring anything new and exciting into their lives when their mind is stuck in clutter?  Also, think of how clutter makes you feel (your emotions).  Maybe you feel anxious, overwhelmed, irritated, angry or annoyed every time you look in your garage or at all of the old clothes you no longer wear just taking up space in your closet.  EVERYBODY loves and needs a clear space to think clear and positive thoughts.

Also, when you are in a fire family, your home should be a place to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of stress and traumas.   If our homes reflect the clutter our firefighters see out there every day and the chaos, we all witness in the world, how can we feel uplifted and restored?  In my book Fire Wife, I talk about THE LAW OF ORDER and I also devote a whole chapter, Chapter 7, to looking after your home, decluttering your home, creating your ideal homelife AND DECLUTTERING YOUR CALENDAR TOO!  When your house is in order, you create good energy (and I’m not talking about being perfect or being untidy or about the happy messes from kids playing, adults partying, etc!).  Happy messes are also good energy!

The Laws of Nature are Built on Order 

The universe is built on order – just look at nature’s perfect seasons.  There is a time to plant and then a time to harvest.  It is very, very difficult to activate THE LAW OF ATTRACTION if your mind is cluttered because your home is cluttered.  When your surroundings are ordered and tidy, your mind gets into a magnificent flow and it is easier and so much more inviting to dream about what you want from your life, to set your intentions and your goals. You also FEEL at peace, hence, can then manifest effortlessly!

Today make a date with a donation pick-up service or book a bin to throw things out.  You will literally be blessing someone else when you donate your old appliances, household items, shoes, etc.

As for all the crap that has just been staring at you, broken and unuseful, take it to the dump and say ADIOS!






Written by : Tara McIntosh

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