The greatest thing happened to me the other day and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I was home baking and cooking for my son and his girlfriend who were coming over for dinner, but I also had to leave to go get my hair colored and cut with my hairdresser 1 hour away.  I thought to myself earlier in the week, I will have to leave at least an extra hour earlier to get a parking spot, preferably right by the shop so I wouldn’t have to walk for blocks in the dark to underground parking.

Then something came over me and said, “relax”, enjoy your cooking and baking and leave at the same time you always do to get there.

I also visualized the parking spot I wanted which was right across the street from my hairdressers, free parking and outside of my favorite restaurant.

Without a word of exaggeration, can you believe, I went down a wrong road and realized I wasn’t on the street where I wanted to look for a parking spot.  I was though just one street up so when I got to the stop light, I turned right, then I turned right again to get on the street of my desire.

Can you believe, just as I turned onto that street, a car pulled out of the parking spot I hoped for and I was able to glide right into it!  The best part is that I got to share this phenomenon with my Mom who I was talking to on speaker phone while this whole thing was happening!

Getting your energy right with positive affirmations, the practice of gratitude, thinking good thoughts, imagining your happy places to change your mood, eating right and exercising will get you into the flow for those green lights and parking spaces!


Let’s have some fun:  why not have a repeated positive thought or visualization in your mind to put this to the test.  Think of a number for instance, like the numbers, 222, or 111 or think of a food item, or a song you love.  Just keep thinking about it and see what happens!

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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