While this may not affect every fire family it will affect some, as it did for me when I put my dreams on hold for a while so I could raise my sons while hubby was busy being a firefighter.  I wrote in my book that at the time I was going to College to get my media and communications degree when hubs told me he wanted to be a firefighter.  Having my children at such a young age and knowing our home would be chaos if they had two parents at the same time trying to achieve their lofty goals, my husband and I essentially made the decision to take turns.

Here’s the thing, you can still accomplish things while the kids are young and buff up your resume.  For me, that is what I did, choosing not to study for hours on end while my kids were at their most demanding.  Being a Mother however had also always been a dream of mine so I chose to stay home with them and work part time until they got older.  While we all have our timelines of what is best for us, my word of advice would always be to put first things first and have foresight to spare afterthought.

While we all may want to rush into our dreams and goals, be realistic with what you can accomplish during this time of life so you don’t lose your mind.  “When we rush ahead trying to accomplish things prematurely and put the horse before the cart…stress will await.  Be patient, grow where you are and make the best of it until the time is right and everything that needed to be done first, gets done right.

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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