“When You Change Your Thoughts You Change Your World” – Norman Vincent Peale

I have to tell you a couple of my huge pet peeves: negative people and ya-but people. I grew up with one of the most negative school-mates imaginable. She attached herself to me (negative-positive) and everyday she showed up to school with yet another bee in her bonnet.
“I just know this is going to be a crappy summer” she’d say or when she was pregnant with her first child she said, I hope I don’t get post-partum depression.” Guess what? She got both.
When my grandmother died I was so happy when our normally tumultuous extended family was brought together in unity, peace and so much love and expressed these feelings to everyone in the room. A relative looked an me and said – “it won’t last.”
The truth is, whatever you focus on will not only grow, but what you believe – will come true….you will always prove yourself right – “I told you it would be a crappy summer or I knew our family wouldn’t get along.”  You get what you think you will get.
The Law of Attraction is a very real thing and it is based on the energy you put out into the world (your thoughts, your feelings, what you think you deserve, how you view the world, continued focus on the negative over the positive…. it’s your over all vibe) and it will attract back to you either abundance or lack based on your frequency – your positive or negative energy. I absolutely know this to be a factual life law, because I have experienced both sides of this coin! So getting your energy right is the very first step.

Law of Attraction Notes

Your subconscious mind cannot decipher whether what you think or say is positive or negative – it will just work overtime to deliver to you what you focus on and believe. It is that simple***
1. Become aware of your thoughts. If you are FEELING anxious, angry, unsettled, fearful/worried, insecure or blue it is because you are thinking anxious, angry, unsettled, fearful/worried, insecure and blue THOUGHTS.
2. To change your low negative energy feelings, you’ll have to change your thoughts with positive mantras to be repeated over and over particularly when negative thinking comes into your head. REMEMBER YOU ARE APPEALING TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Try these to start:
“I love and approve of myself.” (from Louise Hay), or
“I’ve got so many great things to look forward to this year” “Things always work out for me.”
You might find yourself repeating these mantras 200-500 times a day to start
3. Then I want you to be aware of your energy and how you feel after looking say at Instagram or watching the news. If you feel anxious or blue after either, practice shifting your low feelings to positive ones by replacing low energy activities with positive ones immediately – put on some Motown, classical or how about some Lizzo (I love that song!). Crack open an autobiography on a positive inspiring person like Michelle Obama, or get outside with a good friend and go for a walk, or go to a new town for lunch today! Lap up life and feel your energy change.
4. Finally, I want you to go over your DEFINING WORD LIST from yesterday (see last blog post) and notice the good feelings you get from focusing on the things you love and THE positive words that define you. You really are a magnificent person you know and you’ve so much great stuff coming your way. FEEL IT. BELIEVE IT.
Practice, practice, practice.

Written by : Tara McIntosh

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